American Legion Post #797 has had a Ladies Auxiliary Unit since the Post was founded in 2002, and through the years it has had it's ups and downs, meaning membership ups and downs.  But throough the years with all the gains and losses, membership remains the same year to year. 
The Ladies Auxiliary is not just a local Post organization, but is a National Organization, which does a big job in itself for the American Legion.  If you have not thought about joining, please rethink the notion, as they always need new members so they can take on more of their mission with that growth. 
You do not have to have a spouse in the same Post to join the Auxiliary either.  He can belong to one Post and you to another (in the Ladies Auxiliary).  If you even think you might be interested, go to the menu and find Ladies Auxiliary and click on it for the information you need for a contact.

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