Honor Guard


Jack Steinhausser - Honor Guard Captain   (614) 471-0703

Honor Guard Members:

Honor Guard Chairman & Post Armorer - Jack Steinhausser Sr.

Bugler - Open                                       Member - Gary Filaseta                    

Member - Carl Reedy                           Member - Ernest Massie

Member - Ron Brubaker                       Member - Jerry McDaniel

Member - Diane McDaniel                    Member - John McDaniel

Member - Malcolm Glasgow                 Member - 

Member - Merlin Depew                       Member - 

Member - Ken Washington                   Member - Joel Miller


           AL -Rusty Lundy         VFW - Stan Wepking           AL - Diane McDaniel   

          AL - Bob Stallings             AL - Malcolm Glasgow            VFW - Jim Winn 

              AL - Jerry McDaniel       VFW - Bob Goodrich      VFW - James Thompson 


AL - Jack Steinhausser (Captain)                                                                                                                                        

The Post 797 American Legion Honor Guard is seeking new members.  Many of our members work and are not available to perform when needed.  Any American Legion member is eligible to join    We can use as many as would like to join.  We presently have a working relationship with the VFW Post Honor Guard  So, if interested, or want to know more about us, contact Jack Steinhausser, or contact the webmaster to have someone contact you about us.  PLEASE CONSIDER BECOMING ONE OF US!   CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW OPEN INFO SHEET .



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