June-August 2017 Newsletter

Attached is the Post quarterly newsletter, with calendar, for all members and guests of Gahanna American Legion Post #797.  The Gahanna Post website will be monitored and notated from this date on by Tom May and Steve Guenther, who will be the persons you need to coordinate with for any changes in your status, email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses.  There has yet to be someone step forward to become the new editor of the Post Newsletter, so it is unsure of the status of that item.  

The email addresses of both members, mentioned above are included in the newsletter, so please do not hesitate to contact one, or both of them if you have any changes that need to be taken care of, or if you have the desire to assist them.  All emails sent to the site address actually come to my email address, but after July 1st, they will automatically be forwarded to those handling the web site.

I sincerely hope that the Gahanna American Legion Post #797 will continue to grow in membership, and that more members will step forward and contribute inone way or another to keep this Post growing and one of the best in the state of Ohio. 





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