Links to the Most Common Reference Sites:

American Legion Department of Ohio Links:  
American Legion Baseball Teams
Department of Ohio
Ohio Deparment Legion News
12th District Council
American Legion Posts Links: 
Post 379:
Post 516:                                    
Post 11:
Post 487                                                                      

IdentityTheft Guide for Veterans:

Veterans Organization Links:  
Ohio Amvets:
American Ex-POWs:
Gulf War Veterans:                          
Texas Legion District 12:
Veterans of Foreign Wars:
Vietnam Veterans of America:
Vietnam Vets of America Chap 670:
Legal advice for appeals
Scholarship Info and Mesothelioma Info

Another couple links on Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma law firm for military veterans

Info on drug effects, recalls, etc.

General Interest Links:  
Motts Military Museum:
Korean Defense Vets of America:
Korean Defense Service Medal   
Historical Aircraft Squadron        
House Commission on VA Affairs:
National Gravesite Locator                  
Ohio Veterans Home                            
Special Forces Search Engine
Veterans Friends
Vets News & Info Service
Vietnam Vets Memorial Wall
Link on Nursing Home Abuse:

Information on Pensions & Annuities
Information on Jobs and Careers
Military Links:   
Federal Careers
Coast Guard
Defense Link
Army National Guard
USS Abe Lincoln (CIN72)
Central Corps (Iraq)
Community Links/Troop Support: 
American Legion Family Support
AL Support our Troops             
Soldiers Angels
Project Valour IT                                
Family Watch Dog
Franklin County Sheriff Dept.                                                                              
Information on Loans for Veterans
State Representative Ann Gonzales

Homeland Security Articles

Help from Government & VA Sources            


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