POST #797 is becoming an "EARLY BIRD" Post

For the past 9 years or more, Gahanna Post #797 has been a quota post and an all-time high post, growing every year of it's existance.  Founded in 2002, the Post has become one of the largest Posts in Central Ohio, and is now working on becoming the first "EARLY BIRD" Post. 

Having the Early Bird sticker on your membership card means that you care about your support of the American Legion and that of your local Post.  To qualify for that honor, you must have paid your annual dues for the coming subscription year prior to Veterans Day, which is November 11th.  But, that date is confusing, as the cards that have to arrive in Department in order to qualify for the honor have to arrive prior to November 11th, meaning that the Post must collect, process, and deliver those cards to Department prior to the end date.

At the posting of this notice, Post #797 is over half-way toward meeting the goal it has established, and with only 300 members left to go before the deadline gets here, we are well on our way to meeting the goal of being, by all accounts, the first Post to be a 100% Early Bird Post.  LET'S DO IT!!


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