Veterans Ticket Foundation

If you are interested in getting tickets to various functions within the local area, please read this and go to the link provided below to sign up for the tickets, which are normally free to veterans. You do have to sign up as a member though, so the organization can use the numbers to get tickets for us veterans. READ THE FOLLOWING: Dear Veterans Officer, Spring is here and summer is on the way. Your help in the past has been invaluable. Over ONE MILLION Tickets have been distributed. This is a crucial time of the year for the Veterans Ticket Foundation when Ticket Donors decide their allocation to us. Their decisions are guided by the amount of members we have in an area. Our numbers are strong, but we would like to boost them. Our veterans are in your hearts day and night and you do amazing things to help. We would appreciate it if you could spread the word, MEMBERSHIP IS FREE, NO OBLIGATIONS and best of all GREAT Times. Thank you for your caring. WHO WE ARE - Veteran Tickets Foundation AKA Vet Tix (CFC# 44909) is a nationally recognized 501c3 Veterans Support Organization whose mission is to "give something to those who gave." Vet Tix teams up with major sports teams, leagues, promoters, organizations, companies, venues and everyday event ticket holders to provide free (and discounted) tickets to the more than 26 million active Military, Veterans and their families. WHAT WE DO – We support our Active Duty Military, Veterans and their Families with entertainment, lasting memories and reintegration opportunities by providing FREE event tickets to sporting events, concerts and family activities. • Vet Tix is proud to have already given out over one million event tickets across all 50 States, plus Washington, DC, to all currently serving Military, Veterans and their families. WHY WE DO THIS – When our Active Military and Veterans go to an event for FREE we want them to feel a collective “Thank You” from all of us to all of them. See our “Saying Thanks” page to read what these tickets mean to our Troops past & present. WHO IS ELIGIBLE AND HOW TO GET VERIFIED - Vet Tix believes that every person who honorably served our great country should be thanked for their service. Visit the sign up link below for full details • Currently Serving Military, Honorably Discharged Veterans, PNOC of KIA • Use this link to sign up FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: • Am I only allowed to request 1 (one) ticket? o Answer: NO, unless we only have 1 ticket… It’s the goal of Veteran Tickets Foundation for you to enjoy the event with your family and friends. • Do I have to pay for the tickets? o Answer: NO, tickets will always be FREE…All you pay for is the cost of delivery for your tickets. • Do I have to wear a uniform? o Answer: NO, 99.9% of the time. Only when some organizations are having a “Military recognition” event, we will inform you of this in advance in our event description. We strive to have NO uniforms required. • Can my spouse use the service while I’m deployed? o Answer: Yes, just give your spouse your account information and you are set. When setting up your account, you can also add other email addresses for event notification. • Is your organization listed on the Department of Defense (DoD) o Answer: Yes - Sincerely, Joe Pasternack QuiNhon Vietnam Sept 65 - August 66 ABOUT ME – I was not injured in NAM, but have deep feelings about my time there. I came home almost 50 years ago and have tried to help Veterans causes since then. Presently I'm a volunteer for VETERANS TICKETS FOUNDATION. Recently, I contacted the BIG APPLE CIRCUS about their performances in NEW YORK CITY. They sent 50 complimentary tickets to be distributed by the Foundation. Not only that, before the show started they announced to the audience our presence. WOW, I will never forget the ovation we received and the tears that started to flow in the Veterans eyes. We should always Thank and support our donors. One thing I learned from my service, is that WE ARE ONE, WE ARE FAMILY. We must all help each other, then we are strong. During my professional career I helped generate the World Wide Backgammon Craze. I won the MIXED PAIRS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City in the 1970's. Because of being a big fish in a small pond I met Mickey Mantle who was a backgammon enthusiast and became his coach. Mickey gave me an autographed picture which he signed, “I can beat your ass in backgammon - Mickey Mantle”.
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