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The Gahanna Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4719 is pleased to provide the location for the Gahanna American Legion Post #797 to conduct its meetings and to partake in events sponsored by the VFW Post.  We welcome to the Post those Legion members who wish to become members of the VFW and those who would like to become Guest members.  We also have a Mens and Womens Auxiliary and the eligibility for each will be entered below.  Call:  (614) 475-9111.

Those interested in becoming regular members or Guest members should contact Harvey Jones, at (614) 638-9808.  If not available, please leave a message and your call will be returned soon.

Eligibility for the Men's Auxiliary:  Must have a close relative who was a war-time veteran who spent time in a war zone.  Documentation of that sponsor must be provided to become a member.

Eligibility for Women's Auxiliary:  Must have a spouse as a member, or former member if deceased, who was a VFW member.

Post meetings are held on the 3d Tuesday of each month in the Post meeting room adjacent to the Canteen at 1900 hours promptly.  All members can come, but must have their VFW card to remain in the meeting.

The Canteen, with volunteers from various memberships, serve breakfast every Sunday at the Post, which is open to the public.  The object is to help fund the Club operations and maintenance.  There are other special events throughout the month, with one mainstay being the Steak Dinner the1st Friday of every month.  There is also available every Friday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm a meal prepared and served in the Canteen area.  The menu varies for this meal. 

Prices of all these events will be listed on the next page of this menu.  The Club also has a newsletter to send out to all VFW members, but,  a copy is now available on the next page of this section.  Click on the link at the bottom of this page to read the VFW Post 4719 Newsletters for a full calendar of events at the Post. Please make sure you're looking at the correct month's newsletter for accurate information.  


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