July 18, 2014 was a day I found myself on Route 30 in Pennsylvania. While driving Eastbound my wife spotted a sign indicating the Flight 93 Memorial was just a couple miles ahead, so we decided to stop and see the Memorial and show our respect for those 40 heroes who took down one of the hijacked airliners that was headed for a target in Washington DC. The memorial had a spokesman there to tell anyone wishing to know exactly what happened that day in history. The town of Shanksville, PA is listed as the site of the downed airline, but it is really outside the town limits. The State and Federal governments are in the process of building a visitor center overlooking the Memorial itself, but the Memorial covers a large area. The photo above shows the site where the airliner crashed, killing all aboard. This action shows the patriotic spirit that lives in America up to that time. One really wonders if it died that day with those patriots, as it seems our country is hesitant to act when other atrocities occur anywhere in this world. If anyone gets the opportunity, they should visit this Memorial. I have added other photos for you to see in attachments.
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